December 1, 2023

Abolition Today

You Can Never Again Say That You Did Not Know

Constitutional Slavery. More Than Just Forced Labor.

I can’t stress this enough. Legal slavery as we know it today is a whole lot more than just forced labor. Just like it was a whole lot more than just forced labor in 1850.
In recent months, prisons have been shut down because the guards were raping and impregnating so many women in cages. Prisons are being built using emergency disaster relief funds. Human beings are being trafficked across state lines in prison slave trades.
We summarily execute the innocent and cognitively disabled.

Courts have become assembly lines of human flesh using unconstitutional plea bargains 95% of the time by a 95% white prosecutor pool.
Extortion through fines and fees under threat of enslavement fund entire states. There are more warrants for arrest in some counties than there are people in those counties.
Police (To quote Attorney General Eric Holder) have become revenue generators. Using arrest for more than just forced labor and mass incarceration schemes. A group so genocidal that the number of bodies they have dropped in the last decade would fill the Madison Square Garden arena twice.
We are still the largest incarcerator on planet earth. If you’re black and male in merica, 1 in 3 are are expected to become property of the state at some point in your life. 1 in 8 of all prisoners from all races and nations worldwide come from black families right here in the US. A place with 4% of the global population and 25% of the prison population. Where a community that represents a mere 5% has become nearly 40% of those in cages.

It’s estimated that over 6 million people alive today have been disenfranchised from all rights as citizens and an incalculable number of millions have endured the same crippling disenfranchisement since the passing of the 15th amendment.
No one no where is safe. At any moment in the US over 150,000,000 people can be considered criminals. Roughly the same number live below, at, or slightly over the poverty line.
Put it like this… there are more people in poverty in merica than there are a total number of people in communist Russia. (Russian population 144.1 million (2020)

US population near, at or below poverty line 150 million.)
None of it is a result of errors in judgment or a flawed system.
If the system is indeed slavery, it’s working better than they could have ever hoped.
You see, the legal definition of slavery as recognized by the US and dozens of other nations doesn’t pin itself solely on involuntary servitude. It’s defined by the slavers exercising any or all of the rights of ownership. Ownership of human beings.
-See the 13TH amendment.

That is just a small window into what slavery looks like in the US.
It’s far worse than you thought and far more than is being told.
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